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  • Born and raised in Kyoto, Akane liked drawing pictures, writing stories, making things, and dreaming since her childhood. In her daily life, she often grieved the troubles of human relations and the self-harming acts of her friend.

    The character Ne-zoo was born when she began the sale of the small picture book and postcard in Osaka. Ne-zoo is a boy mouse and a gentle character with big ears. The big ears had a mysterious ability to take in somebody’s strong emotions. She had no one to turn to. Therefore she wanted to give a hurt friend gentleness. The reason why she chose the animal of a small mouse is that she wanted to express that she gives big love with a small body because her small body resembles a small mouse.

    After graduation, she went to Tokyo. But she was exhausted from busy work and complicated human relations. It was one warm telephone call from her first boss that helped her overcome her exhaustion. It was the moment when she was wrapped in the big gentleness of her first boss that she understood her sorrow and pains. Then she focused on a painting which featured the theme of gentle time, because she wanted to remember that feeling. And she wishes the painting leads others to a gentle action. When you feel gentleness by somebody, the person can feel warm from it. The person who received it becomes able to be gentle this time. And somebody who received it connects gentleness to somebody again. It may be idealism but a gentle chain is born and she hopes that that gentleness will arrive to somebody’s suffering. She believes the gentleness is big power. And she is saved by gentleness in daily life. The gentleness that she received leads to an action to express in her pictures and stories.

    Email: dearly.arc.ka@gmail.com

  • 京都で生まれ育ったakaneは、幼い頃から絵を描いたり、物語を考えたり、なにかを作ったり空想するのが好きだった。彼女の日常は、家庭内も含め人間関係のトラブルや身近な仲間の自傷行為は、度々、彼女の心を強く痛めていた。成安造形大学在学中、彼女は学外でも作品を発表する場を求め、絵と言葉の豆絵本や、ポストカードの委託販売を大阪でスタートさせた時に生まれたのが、彼女の代名詞にもなっているキャラクター、Ne-zooである。Ne-zooは、大きなグルグル耳が特徴の穏やかでやさしい性格のねずみの男の子だ。その大きな耳で、誰かの強い心の叫びや強い感情を感じることができる不思議な能力も持っている。彼女の周りには大きなやさしさで包んでくれる人はいなかった。だから彼女が渦巻く苦しみや悲しみも傷ついた仲間も全部やさしさで包みたかった。小さなねずみという動物をキャラクターに選んだのは、小さな身体で大きな愛を与えてくれることを表現したかったことや、小柄な体型の彼女が自分自身と重ねていた部分に由来する。



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