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  • Ardyce was born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo. Since she was a child she often went to Kobe, and felt foreign air.
    She loved to imagine what was in the utopia, and how it was. For her, Kobe was a special place with foreign cultures. In the sameway, the world of comics and animation was a jewerly box of inspiration which released her from the material world.

    She wanted to pursue the world of art which freed her mind. So she went to an art high school, and she specialized in art until she graduated college. She liked to use dark colors when she painted, affected by the surrealism art of Magritte etc, and the philosophy of Hitchcock. On the other hand, She was also interested in calm and holy wall paintings in the middle ages, by Pierre Bonnard who used rich and warm colors, and Henri Matisse with venturesome composition, etc. The world of Ardyce’s art is pleasant and peaceful, but somewhat surreal and humorous. It is because these two sides are mixed in her. She believes the beautiful world of art will be born by harmony of two contrary elements, not by excluding one of them.

    Ardyce often paints plump women, gently-sloping mountains, and calm water. She started painting them when she struggled not knowing how to express her image. Her free and peaceful theme which releases all bondages connects to the organic forms of her artworks.

    Life is not filled with fun things and excitements. We all have painful and bitter moments.
    Ardyce’s motto is to make the art world which opens up the inner world of all people. She has been creating the peaceful utopia wishing to provide the art world in which people can regain peace and comfort in their worn out and dry hearts.

  • Ardyceは兵庫県で生まれ育ち、異国情緒漂う神戸によく行き来していた。「ここではない何処か」を想像するのが大好きな少女にとって外国の文化が入り混じる神戸は癒される場所であった。また同じような意味で漫画やアニメの世界も、縛られた現実の常識から解き放ってくれる格好のインスピレーションの宝庫だった。自分を解き放ってくれる美の世界にもっと没頭したいと思い、高校で美術科に入学し、高校・大学と専門的に美術を学んだ。学生時代の頃は、マグリットなどのシュールなアートやヒッチコックの世界観などに傾倒しミステリアスで暗い色調の絵を好んで描いた。その一方で、中世の静かで聖なる世界観を醸し出す壁画や豊かな色彩と大胆な構図のピエールボナールや、マティスなどの世界観にも興味を抱いた。彼女の作品世界が逸楽的で平和的でありながら、どこかシュールでユーモラスさを感じさせるのは彼女の中でその2面性が混ざり合っているからである。どちらかを排除するのでなく、溶け合い調和することで美しい作品世界が産まれることをArdyceは信じており彼女にとって自然なことなのである。



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