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AWJED was born in Japan in 1980 and was raised in a household full of music. Apart from studying piano, she liked expressing her own world of images, as she saw in picture books of Japanese mythology and Arabian Nights among others. In school, she had a reputation because of her drawings of caricatures and comics and she was tasked with drawing a portrait of the whole class for their graduation album. In 2002, she graduated from Toho College of Music with a Bachelor of Music in Piano. After that, she wrote music and worked on architectural design technology for civil infrastructure maintenance pertaining to disaster control. All along, she felt more and more eager to use her illustrations to express a world of unknown that could enliven people. From that time, she has concentrated on making 100 pieces of the world for her project “AWart100.” In 2011 and 2012, she participated in international art fairs such as Design Festa in Tokyo. In 2013 and 2014, she displayed work in “100 Artist Exhibition” at Ouchi Gallery in New York and energetically continued making art.

The colors and the children that appear with that adventure in her artwork are all inspired by existing cultural heritages in the world, indigenous people’s murals and decorations that are beautiful as well, they are traditional. A unique and creative world is spreading from where AWJED’s vibrant world of colors is weaved and put on stage5 , and where the children who hide the strangest possibilities live together for each other, in friendship, as one.


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