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  • Catherine・G was born in Tokyo and raised under average circumstances. She rarely drew outside of art class, but images and impressions were always stirring inside of her. For as long as she can remember she has placed a high value on self-reflection. In thinking over the events of the day, her life turns into a series of images, and by focusing on the emotions of each moment and analyzing the myriad images that surface, her frustrations begin to dissipate, allowing her heart to relax and heal.
    Inside her head, Catherine is always drawing pictures. Music is a major inspiration. When she listens to music she delves into the meaning of each lyric and travels through the images that surface.

    After endless repetitions, a song becomes a source of comfort and protection. Music’s power to uplift the heart and soothe the soul made Catherine wish she could express herself at this level, in a way that brings comfort and pleasure to others. But for years she kept this dream locked inside of her, certain it would never come true.

    In February of 2013 she finally began to express herself. What got her started was hearing someone say that “the life you live is written on your face.” These words compelled her to live life free from regret and without blaming others. No longer able to suppress her self-expression, she began to draw. To Catherine the images inside her head are mere representations of everyday life, but when seen through her creations these images have an otherworldly aura. Her work pervades with a sense of fantasy and fairy tale. As an example, consider the omnipresent vending machines of Tokyo. To her, these machines are a friendly presence, watching over us from a comfortable distance. They look as if they could contain outer space in its entirety, or shelter living things.

    Catherine’s drawings and stories are born from the images and impressions that surface from deep inside her. The creatures appearing in her work have the uncanny ability to remind us of people we have known somewhere in the past. Her gravitation toward drawing mostly creatures is based on a philosophy that drawing a person shuts off that aspect of their life.

    The world of Catherine’s drawings cannot be confined to any genre. To bring the images and impressions insider her head to life, she calls upon an array of methods, often in ways that mix illustration and narrative. Her antennae are always attuned to the everyday. Her mission in art is to challenge herself to express whatever intrigues her, and her dream is to contribute to a collective happiness through her artwork. Thus far she has held two private shows and two group exhibitions, and continues to draw, keeping the dream alive. Her drive to create is unrelenting.


  • Catherine・Gは東京で生まれ、ごく平凡な日常を過ごし育った。学校の授業以外で絵を描くことは特になかったが、彼女の中では常に映像やイメージが存在していた。彼女が幼い頃から大切にしているのは、自分自身との対話である。1日の出来事を思い起こしながら、自分の日常を映像化していく。一瞬一瞬の感情を切り取り、浮かんだイメージを鮮明に分析することで、自分自身の悩みが解決され、心が癒されて笑顔になっていくのである。彼女は、頭の中で常に絵を描き続けていたのである。






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