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  • Donatera was born in 1986 at Saitama prefecture, Japan. She has been attracted by variety of colors since she was a child and she found her freedom in painting. She is full of energy when her stories emerge onto her canvases. Her paintings are dynamic and lively, as if they have souls.
    She uses her old clothes, such as dresses, denims and beads which she has been attached to, as material for her paintings. This inspiration comes from when she worked at apparel shop. She found that clothes are not only for wearing. She can empower them by taking off what wraps her like skin and by putting them into her paintings. By doing so, they will breathe forever on her canvases.
    She was influenced by Henri Cartier Bresson “a photographer who made ordinary things into art” and started to think if she can change everyday due to art. “Hapers BAZAAR” which is the oldest women’s fashion magazine in the world is also great source for her imagination.
    Her beginning as an artist was in 2009 at Tokyo big site with livepainting on the wall. People there stopped by to see her wall as it was full of originality and the way she painted was so spontaneous.She also got several offers of exhibitions and performances.
    She won the first prize in Watch design contest by Lebenham and then her design was commercialized. She also offered her painting to “Global Art and Innovation Tour ”presented by well known surf brand “O’neill” and it was sold at the auction.
    These were the moments dressing up people and space and building up the new world for her while her art make harmony with daily life.
    Now, her art makes connection with people, and lets her vitality and great imagination spread out to the world.


  • 1986年に埼玉県で生まれ育ったDonateraは、物心付いた時からカラフルな色彩への憧れがあり、絵を描く事に自由を見出した。彼女がキャンバスへ物語を紡ぎ出す時、そこには最初から最後までエネルギーが満ち溢れている。彼女の描く作品はダイナミックで、まるで生きているかの様に躍動的である。制作の工程には、着なくなったワンピースや、デニム、ビーズなど愛着のあるマテリアルを埋め込む。それは彼女がレディスファッションの接客業をしてきた事に大きく関係している。自分の皮膚のようにまとっていた物を脱ぎ、新しい生命力を与える事によって、作品となった彼らは永遠に呼吸するのである。「日常をアートに変えた写真家」と呼ばれるアンリ・カルティエ=ブレッソンの生き方に影響を受け「アートで日常を変えられないだろうか?」と思うようになる。変化に富んだアイデアや、見るものに夢を与え時代を築き上げた、世界最古の女性ファッション誌Harper’s BAZAARもイマジネーションの源となっている。2009年東京ビッグサイトでのライブペイントから活動をスタート。独学で思いのまま描かれた壁に人々は足を止め、展示やパフォーマンスのオファーをした。スイス発時計メーカーLibenhamではデザインコンテストで最優秀賞、商品化となり、世界的サーフブランドO’Neill の”Global Art and Innovation Tour”では作品提供をしオークションにかけられた。それは彼女のアートが日常に溶け合いながらも、人や空間をドレスアップして新しい世界を築きあげていく瞬間だった。そこには人と人とを繋ぎ、生命力と輝きに満ちたイマジネーションが広がって行くのである。


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