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  • “When one explores, one begins to see all possibilities. Continue to observe and do not give up the impossibility of seeing everything.”

    Eiji Sato’s work deepens that which has been thought of as taken for granted. Born in 1967, as a child, when asked what he wanted to be when he became an adult, his uncomfortable answer was, “a rich man.” For Eiji, whatever he sees and whatever he feels, are all a result of his journeys in the world, testing the limits of his abilities, and encounters with nature and people. Throughout these journeys, he has seen different viewpoints, different perspectives, widening his field of view. Together with his colleagues, he cultivates perception and perspective by deeply delving into the meaning of various things using language.

    Upon hearing that his friend appreciated masks, Eiji heart came alive in the creation of that mask and presenting it to his friend. In 2002, Eiji rented a house deep in Mt. Fuji’s interior recommended to him by an acquaintance. While in that house, Eiji had a great opportunity to understand himself and it was during that time he tried to understand the meaning of the numeral 1, finally making sense to him. Later, Eiji became an engineer, but in 2008 after a car accident, he quit his job and decided to express himself through the art of sculpture.

    2010 Red String
    2011 Ahead of The Red String
    The meaning of the red string is fate, and how that fate affects others. In the exhibition, fate is represented by a functioning red puppet string that connects to all the other puppets in the exhibition. Pulling the red string, with an infinite amount of choices, one can feel what fate is in that moment. We live in the continuous moment. A vision that also came to mind is that the red string that connects everything is also connected to you.

    2013 Wood Fragment – The Skeleton of the Gods of the World.
    Each of the gods have their own faith and morals. Most people are born and raised with values that are obvious to them. One by one, we delve deeper into the meaning of the god’s teachings, and one by one we can see their original meaning. Utilizing a variety of wood cuttings, I create pieces that observe the meaning of the world and me.

  • ”一つのことを探究する、それはすべてと繋がる。これは解ったという答えではなく、移り変わっていく様を観続けること。”
    彼の作品は当たり前に思っていることを掘り下げる。1967年に生まれた佐藤栄治は、幼少の頃何になりたいかと聞かれると「お金持ち」と答えたがそれに違和感を感じていた。自分は何を見て何を感じるのか、限界と可能性に興味を持ち、旅に出て、自然や人と出会い、今までの価値観を色々な角度で感じたことにより視野を広げていった。友と出会い、物事を深く掘り下げ言葉を交わし見方感じ方を培った。知人がお面が好きだというので面を作りプレゼントした時、作品と向き合い生み出すことに心踊る。2002年、知人の紹介で富山の山奥に家を借り、そこでの時間は自身と向き合う良いきっかけになった。その時に数字の1を理解しようと一つづつ考えを巡らせ腑に落ちる。その後はサラリーマンをしていたが交通事故をきっかけにアートで表現する道で生きていこうと決め、2008年造形作家として活動を始める。個展開催 2010年「赤い糸」2011年「赤い糸のその先に」。



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