• Eri Motohashi was born on 6 August in 1984 and grew up in Tokyo, Japan.

    She has been painting ceaselessly since her childhood. Her favorite subjects were art and crafts. As a child, she was a big fan of cartoon animations such as Walt Disney and Hanna-Barbera. Since then, she had longed to live overseas while dreaming of being a painter as well.

    Motohashi attended Tokyo Designer Gakuin in 2003. She used to draw cartoon characters however, somehow she painted a lady and found how fascinating it is. Since then, she started to face paint and she is now painting using her fingers as a brush.

    Motohashi feels that by directly touching her artwork, her soul goes straight into the canvas. That is the reason why she uses her fingers as a brush. That way, she feels closer to her work.
    Motohashi’s artworks are inspired by music and John William Waterhouse. She loves music, especially alternative rock. She loves the world the music created which is dark and sensitive. John William Waterhouse was a English painter known for working in the Pre-Raphaelite style.

    You can see the unique view of the world through the people in Motohashi’s artwork.She shows her feelings through portraits and colors.

    A person’s beauty comes from within. That is what she wants to express in her artwork and that is the reason why she paints portraits because she thinks that is the most beautiful expression.
    Also Motohashi wants to inspire people like how she gets inspired. She hopes she can share with a feeling of joy and happiness through all her artwork.

    In 2008, when she was 24, Motohashi went on a working holiday to New Zealand. She then moved to Sydney and eventually came back to Japan in 2014.

    Motohashi thinks that if she communicates with more people in this world or if she would get more experience in her life, her paintings could be better than they are now. She believes what she has in her life will affect all her paintings deeply.

  • 本橋英里は1984年8月6日に東京で生まれ、彼女は小さい頃から絵を描くのが好きで一番好きな科目は美術と図工だった。その頃によく見ていたディズニー映画やハンナ・バーベラのカートゥーンアニメに影響を受けてから、海外に強い興味を持ち始めた。2004年、東京デザイナー学院のアーティスト科を卒業し、キャラクターばかりを描いていた時に、なんとなく描いたリアルな女性の顔から、人の顔の表現力の魅力さに気づき顔を中心に描き始める。彼女の描く絵の人物は独特の雰囲気を持っていて、特に目にはその人自身の人生が映し出されている。たくさん経験をしてきた人の笑顔はとてつもなく輝いている。大好きな事を大好きだと胸を張って言っている顔はどんな表情よりも美しい。本橋英里は身体から溢れるエネルギーを表情を通して表現する事に魅力を感じている。そして、人に元気を与える事が彼女の生き甲斐だ。人は人に支えられて生きている。彼女も誰かに支えられているように誰かを元気づけたいのかもしれない。それが、彼女が人物画を描いている理由だ。目を見て気持ちが通じ合うように、見る側の人にも彼女の表現したい気持ちを絵を通して感じてほしいと想っている。そして、見る人の何かのささいなキッカケ作りになれればいいと想う。本橋英里が当時初めて見たJohn William Waterhouseの絵は彼女にたくさんの刺激を与えた。本橋英里は絵に愛情と深みを入れるため、筆は使わずに色は全て指で塗っている。その方が絵と近くなれ、指で絵に触れた方が絵に魂が宿るからだと彼女は言う。音楽に合わせて自分の世界観とリンクさせて絵を描き上げるのが一番心地よく絵が描ける本橋英里のスタイルだ。


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