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  • Funa-mamimumemo was born and raised in Mie Prefecture. While she didn’t take much interest in drawing as a child, she attended an arts high school at the recommendation of her middle-school art teacher. Her speciality in high school was oil painting, but after graduation she turned to ballpoint pens because they allowed her to casually create sketches wherever she went. Her drawings are subtle and abstract, ranging from early scrawlings inspired by the Cubism of Picasso to the more refined style she employs today. Funk, soul, R&B, and fusion jazz are her main source of inspiration. The artist who has influenced her the most is Yayoi Kusama, whose creations continue to stimulate her work.
    Her career as an artist began in earnest in 2011, with a series of drawings on toilets entitled “Toilet Art.” It became the talk of the town in her community, and led to a string of individual and group exhibitions. A turning point came when she suddenly lost one of her closest friends. Bereaved, she threw herself into her work. She painted relentlessly, every single day, in search of a hope to live by. She swallowed her sadness, insecurity, and negativity, converted them into energy, and used it to create positive art. The culmination of this sustained period of productivity was “Light of Hope,” a private show she held in Fall 2013. It was a huge success.
    On countless occasions she has turned away from the world of art, exhausted by the intensity of her creative process, but she can never stay away for long. Drawing is her calling, dictated from on high. Her desire is to inspire whoever sees her art with a sense of hope. Through collaborating with fashion designers and musicians, she also hopes to bring art closer to our daily lives. This is her dream.

  • 三重県で生まれ育つ。小さい頃はあまり絵に興味はなかったが、中学の美術の先生にすすめられ美術を学ぶ高校へ入学する。在学中は油絵を専攻。しかし卒業後は気軽にどこでも描けるボールペン画を描くようになる。彼女の絵は繊細で抽象的だ。それはピカソのキュビズムにあこがれて描いていたラクガキから、より細かくなり今のようなスタイルになった。普段はFUNKやSOUL、R&B、フュージョンJAZZなど音楽からインスピレーションを得る。また草間彌生の生み出す作品は彼女にとってとても刺激的で、最も影響を受けた人物のひとりだ。彼女が本格的にアート活動をはじめたのは2011年。便器に絵を描く「便器アート」をしたことが地元で話題となり、その後グループ展や個展などに繋がるきっかけとなった。


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