• Based out of Tokyo, married-couple Nori and Kiyoca create art collaboratively under the collective pseudonym HUIT. Their works include hybrid carved-paintings made by carving a picture into a wood block and then applying paint directly to the wood, as well as pottery and more.

    Nori first encountered and subsequently grew fond of woodblock printing in elementary school after being assigned a teacher who had received numerous awards at woodblock print art contests. The process of sketching, carving, and printing allowed Nori to express himself in a unique way that seemed to transcend his own ideas, and the resulting perspective captivated him. Nori grew serious about creating woodblock prints during his time at art school. But when he fell behind schedule for the woodblock piece that he had intended to print for his graduation project, Nori decided to complete the project by instead applying paint directly to the woodblock. While Nori himself considered the piece a failure, it was well-received by others. This sparked his interest and he began to create more pieces in the same manner. As graduation neared, Nori didn’t feel confident that he could support himself with his art, so he decided to pursue his secondary interest of gardening and landscape design, which would still allow him to express himself artistically. He began working for a gardening company before branching out on his own. Despite having grown apart from painting, Nori still felt the urge to create and began attending pottery classes.

    Nori’s artistic endeavors using the HUIT pseudonym commenced in 2006. It all began when he asked Kiyoca, who worked for a design firm at the time, to create a website for his own personal gardening business. After seeing his carved-paintings and pottery, Kiyoca urged him to share the pieces with others, which in turn rekindled his former aspirations of becoming a professional illustrator. It was also around this time that he was approached about holding a solo exhibition of his work. Unable to prepare for the exhibition in time on his own, he enlisted the help of Kiyoca.

    The HUIT creation process begins with the couple deciding upon a theme together, after which Nori completes a rough sketch. Throughout the process of carving and painting, the two continue to communicate with each other and ensure that both are happy with the end result. The designs of their pieces are intended to be enjoyable, to elicit a warm reaction, and to bring a spontaneous smile to the observer’s face. Each and every piece has its own mini-story behind it, and as one observes a collection of pieces these mini-stories flow together to spin a larger tale. New fun and exciting discoveries await the observer every time a piece is viewed.


  • HUIT(ユイット)は、noriとkiyocaの夫婦で制作しており、東京を中心に活動している。


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