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  • Kaoru Yoshikawa was born in 1979 in the downtown area of Osaka. She often drew paintings during her childhood. Her family often moved houses in those days, so she made new friends in the new schools with her illustrations and cartoons each time.
    In her high school days, she had a club with her friend in Osaka. At this time, they performed a sound installation concept called “visible music” while her friend performed the music, Kaoru painted with acrylics from her imagination based on what the music made her feel. A fashion show was presented in the form of models holding paintings in their hands with the accompaniment of music.

    After this performance, she started her career as the painter. And she took part in group exhibitions in galleries, shops, art events, and so on.
    She moved to Kagoshima and got married in 2007. After that, she gave birth to a baby boy. Through her child, she became conscious of the large number of children who would be alive from now until the future. The anxiety of the future was born in her mind. War, environmental disruption, discrimination, abuse, and so on.
    All children appearing in her recent work wear glasses. The glasses express the closed mind of the children and the anxiety of the children that cannot foresee the future. This viewpoint is the anxiety she feels herself. Yoshikawa’s work of art does not try to educate people. Her concept is based on a strong wish for peace for the children living in the present. The concept can be found in the world of her beautiful mixed 2D and 3D art works.

  • 「大阪生まれの吉川 薫は幼い頃からよく絵を描いた。吉川の家庭は引越すことが多かったので、新しい学校ではクラスメイト達に漫画やイラストを描いて友達を作ったりもした。高校時代は一軒のクラブを貸切り友人と「目に見える音楽」というコンセプトを立ち上げ、サウンドアートの形式を用いて友人の作り出す曲からイメージして絵を描いた。モデルに絵を持ってもらい、流れる曲に合わせてファッションショーの形式で発表し、この活動が吉川が本格的にアーティストとして生きることを意識した出来事だった。その後は数々のグループ展の参加やアーケードやショップでの展示、アートイベントの参加などの活動を行う。


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