• Keiko Cali is a painter /illustrator. She was born and raised in Nagasaki, Japan. She grew up with a generous mother who worked as a childcare specialist. In an environment where she could challenge anything, she went to study abroad to Los Angeles by herself when she was 17 years old. During her stay she met people from all over the world and experienced different cultures. She also hit the first big wall of her life because she couldn’t speak English. Because of her cultural differences she had problems with her host family. She decided to move out and she moved to a new place where she met her best friends. Her friends were always there for her and treated her like a family. She started to make their portraits when she felt thankful to them. It was so natural to her to draw and paint even though she didn’t know anything about art. People loved her works and their smiles filled up her sadness.

    After her stay in Los Angels she found out what she loved to do and decided to be an artist. She graduated Vantan Design Institute (Tokyo), and had lived in New York from 2006 to 2009. She studied printmaking and drawing at National Academy Museum & School of Fine Arts, and did an internship for Hiroki Otsuka and Will Ryman.

    Her main focus is to make someone happy with her artworks but also she put a little bit of strangeness into her works. She feels like herself. She feels comfortable when she is making art. Her inimitable color choices and drawing style takes the viewer to her strange world with a hint of happiness.
    She took a long break from her career and thought deeply about her life.
    After 4 years, She decided to come back to what she loved to do.


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