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  • si_ku was born at 3AM in Tochigi on March 3rd in the 3rd year of Heisei (1991). She always loved animals and was surrounded by them growing up.She still lives with a large number of living creatures. Fish, birds, cats, insects, reptiles and amphibians…. she also likes nature and photographs it nearly every day. Adding studies of dessin, croquis and oil paintings, she started putting titles and her name on the pictures from 2008, and producing them as works. In the same year, she began activities as an author and joined a number of group exhibitions in the Tokyo suburbs after this. She has also taken care of the PV animation, image drawings and package design for the musician Kikuo.

    With the image of depicting the texture of life, she draws the abstract elements of the work and then integrates people into it. By putting stress on expressing the unique originality of the material rather than expressing it concretely, she depicts life and the workings of nature itself, rather than depicting beauty on the surface. The description of a circle inside the monitor screen are images of a cell, the sun, soul, egg and a life form. The space, where cool colors describe coolness and moisture, warm colors describes warmth and cuteness, and the color yellow represents light, and the source of life, is the most comfortable place for living creatures to be. It produces rich images of water, temperature, the power of life, security purification and salvation etc. with detailed coloring and description. 

    In this way, her view of life and death, which she had obtained through her experience of living with various living creatures from past to present, is providing feedback to her work. Young naked girls represent the existence of nobody. She doesn’t belong to any culture nor context, and has a very transparent existence, close to the soul. At the same time she has a very charming existence with cuteness and natural glamor as well, and her deformity emphasizes her charm. She also gives her works the vivid impression of the power of life through my dynamic drawing and production process, making it dynamic and fluid, giving it temporal axes, and creating her work as if she was raising living creatures.

  • 平成3年3月3日3時、栃木で生まれ育つ。いきものが好きで、いきものに囲まれて育ち、現在も多くの生き物と暮らしてる。魚、鳥、猫、虫、爬虫類、両生類など…。また自然が好きで、毎日のように写真を撮っている。デッサンやクロッキー、油絵など習作を重ね、2008年からは絵にタイトルと名前を書き、作品として制作するようになった。同年に作家活動を開始し、以後東京近郊で多数のグループ展に参加。また、音楽家のきくおさんの曲のPVアニメーション、イメージ画、パッケージデザインを担当している。





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