• Kouta Nakagawa was born in Niigata,Japan and lived there until the age of 18.He indulged in the world of the stories such as a movie or a novel from early teens and began to describe it with the painting at the age of 17.During his time as a student of the Osaka University of Arts,under the influence of Marc Chagall, he produced fantastic and illusionary pictures with strong narrative aspects.It was a trip about the adventure of the boy and the girl with mysterious scenery described in a color mainly on the blue. In his mid-twenties he became aware of the loss of the sensitivity of the boyhood,and intentionally changed his style.

    In his latest work,it is hard to find a comprehensible story or concreteness. The most frequent feature in many of his present works is the cold geometry form drawn by an achromatic style created with the acrylic gouache,contrasted by organic materials. He is also inspired by paint peeled off walls, the typical old movie frame noise and the Ian Walton`s works. In addiction,the haiku`s simplicity and its untranslatability gave him a conceptual impact. Kouta Nakagawa`s achromatic style is a symbolic representation of the time flown away.

    Lately,he is very active and he participated in the group exhibition in New York 2014. He also participated in many exhibitions in Tokyo.

  • 仲川晃太は新潟で生まれ18歳まで過ごした。10代前半から映画や小説などの物語の世界に耽溺し17歳で絵を描き始め、その後に大阪芸術大学に入学し卒業に至るまで、マルク・シャガールに影響された、物語性の強い幻想的な絵画を制作した。青を中心とした色彩で描かれるのは、旅、少年と少女の冒険潭、神秘的な風景などであった。20代半ばに少年期の感受性の喪失を自覚し、意識的に作風を変化させた。




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