• LENIA was born in 1988 in Hyogo. At the earliest age, she found an attraction to gemstones and their unique beauty. Her first lasting impression came from a visit to a jewelry accessories shop in Osaka while shopping with her parents. She was 3 years old at that time. Her interest was again brought to life when she met a gemologist at a gem show she attended in Seattle, Washington on a visit to America with her parents. She was 9 years old during that trip, but the beginning of her journey was taking shape. She began to explore and work with gemstones from that time.

    LENIA began to realize her dream of using gemstones to make accessories while attending the university. She began marketing and selling her works online while attending school. Her love of being creative and making beautiful accessories continued to grow and showed her a wonderful vision and path for her life. That desire, hard work and the support of many people has allowed her to find success.

    LENIA shares her creativity with her father. From a young age, he too dreamt of creating beauty from nature. Today, he is well known for his work building classical guitars using traditional craftsmanship. His passion for detail accompanied by the beautiful sounds resulting from his creations have been an inspiration for LENIA in her work. She carries on with that same tradition of recognizing natural beauty and turning that into beautiful works of art. Each gemstone has its own personality and is unique. LENIA finds a way to discover and model each stone into an accessory that compliments its unique characteristics to bring forth its beauty. Her goal is to produce a piece of art that brings happiness to the person wearing it and compliment that person’s unique beauty.

    As you look at each accessory, seek out its unique beauty. Find that piece that inspires you and compliments what makes you special and beautiful.

  • 1988年に兵庫県生まれのLENIAは、3歳の時に大阪の街を両親と歩いているときに見つけたアクセサリーショップに魅入られてからアクセサリーを制作始めた。9歳のころにアメリカのシアトルに旅行中に行ったジェムショーで天然石に出会い天然石に興味を持ち始める。それ以来、LENIAは天然石でアクセサリーの制作を始め、それはLENIAの両親の本物に触れるという教育からのものであった。大学在学中にオンラインマーケットを通して販売活動を始めた。それは多くの人に自身の作品を身に着けて元気になって欲しいという純粋な欲求からだった。父がクラシックギター制作家というルーツに生まれたLENIAはクラシックギターの音楽が幼い頃より親しみをもっていた為、作品を制作するときはギター音楽や映画のワンシーンなどといったところからインスピレーションを受けている。



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