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  • Masumi Yoshida was born and raised in Miyagi Prefecture. Although she enjoyed and excelled at drawing from an early age, she never fixated on pictures, and received no formal training. She began to paint in earnest in her early twenties, as a way of confronting the difficulties of the adult world. As if purging her stress through her art, she filled her early paintings with the color black. But after seeing a framed print of van Gogh’s “The Starry Night” on display at an art supply store, she became fascinated with van Gogh’s colorful style, and began experimenting with some oil paints her sister had used in high school. Thenceforth she delved into a world of music and manga, and for the first time developed a keen sense of self-awareness.
    She felt an emptiness in her paintings, but knew that emptiness wasn’t his goal. What wasn’t working? What did she want? She searched for answers to these questions. Spurred along by the lyrics of songs and the dialog of manga, she gradually rid her art of what she disliked and increasingly defined her desires. She realized that things she once saw as unattainable were in fact available, if only she made an effort to obtain them. A first encounter with the work of Marc Chagall at an art museum in Aomori inspired her to create gentler paintings brimming over with a sense of love. The way she worked his paint around the canvas and her choice of color all began to change.
    Masumi sees the world as a beautiful place. She considers herself lucky to be surrounded by loving, caring people who support him, and makes every effort to be a source of support for them in return. She sees a powerful beauty in those who live for today in the name of tomorrow, and in those who seek strength so that they can help others. People lose sight all too quickly of the blessing that is life. But it doesn’t take much to pull that blessing back into view. Through her painting, Masumi is constantly seeking and discovering opportunities to bring more blessing into life, in a search for happiness she can share with those he loves.

  • 吉田真澄は、1982年8月27日、宮城県で生まれ宮城県で育つ。小さな頃から絵を描くのは好きで得意だったが、特別絵に没頭するような事はなく、絵を学ぶ事とは無縁で過ごした。絵を描き始めたのは、20歳をすぎて初めての社会人生活で生きていく事の大変さを目の当たりした頃。ストレス発散の一環として黒い絵の具をメインとした絵を描くようになる。文房具店でゴッホの星月夜の写真フレームを見かけた瞬間から、ゴッホの絵を好むようになり、姉が高校時代に使っていた油絵の具を使い始めた。その後、音楽や漫画にのめりこみ、自分の内側に初めてきちんと意識をむけるようになる。自分の絵に虚しさを感じ、自分が欲しいものは虚しさではない事を認識する。何が気 に入らなくて、何が欲しいのか。その問いの答えを探した。音楽の歌詞や、漫画の台詞に背中を押してもらいながら、気に入らないものを少しずつ捨て、欲しいものを少しずつ集めた。手に入らないと思っていたものは、自分が行動を起こせば手に入れる事が出来ることを知った。青森の美術館でシャガールの絵を初めて見て、愛に溢れた穏やかな絵に憧れるようになる。その頃から絵の具の塗り方や、絵の配置、色の使い方に変化が出てくる。世界は美しく、周りには愛に溢れた大切な人達が存在する。その人達に自分は支えられ生きていて、同時に、自分も大切な人達にとって、生きる支えとなる事ができるのだということに気がつく。明日を生きる為に今日を生き続ける人達は強く美しい。誰かの為に強くあり たいと願う人達は強く美しい。


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