• ​MIZUHODORI was born in Hokkaido, Japan. She has been observing nature and drawing a picture by self-education from childhood. She learned veterinary anatomy, wild life conservation, and ecology at Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine instead of going to the school of fine arts.

    After university graduation, she made two targets in her life.
    “Drawing as many pictures as possible until I die”
    “Making the lifestyle which living things on the earth and humans can coexist”
    She decided to carry on the activity that those two targets fused.

    Her works are inspired by living things on the earth and influenced by japanese cartoons (manga) and animations. In 2013, MIZUHODORI’s website was established and her works are exhibited there. In 2015, she submitted to Design Festa vol.41(Chiba, Japan), drew a picture on the wall at the design festa gallery (Tokyo, Japan) and held an exhibition at the public bath, Kosugiyu, for a month (Tokyo, Japan).

    Website: mizuhodori.com
    Contact: info@mizuhodori.com

  • 北海道生まれ。幼い頃から独学で、自然観察をしたり絵を描いたりする。美術系学校には行っておらず、帯広畜産大学で獣医解剖学、野性動物保全、生態学などを学ぶ。地球の様々な自然や生き物からインスパイアされ、漫画やアニメーションから影響を受けて、作品を描いている。



    Website: mizuhodori.com
    Contact: info@mizuhodori.com


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