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  • “ Mofuwa “ was born and raised in Yokohama. She have drawn lots of pictures since she was a child. Then, she learned painting and design.It was very interesting for her. She graduated from college of design in 2008. After that, she got a job as a web designer. However, she wanted to become an artist. Finally, she has decided to be a freelance illustrator.

    The name Mofuwa is an onomatopoeia in Japanese. It is a coined word that collectively the “mofumofu” & “fuwafuwa”. The picture and texture on a painting, texture, smell, movement, etc., have been expressed in friendly atmosphere. She as ”Mofuwa“ loves animals and her motif is always animals. She used to watch tv programs of animals’ documentary film and animals’ cartoons for kids and go to a zoo as well.

    Books taught her many things. It has plenty of knowledge about animals and beautiful illustrations. She was keen on reading an animal encyclopedia. She said that it gives me new discovery each time when she reread. Then, she copied the book by herself to learn these animals in the book. That is her first opportunity to draw a picture.

    These days, she is trying to make an original encyclopedia of animals with lively illustrations to tell real animal’s life. She wishes her encyclopedia can be fun for kids and adults.On the other hand, she makes story picture books of animals which have personal stories like human beings.She has had a huge dream since a child that finish drawing all living things in the world. It is quite simple ,but enormous.

  • 横浜に生ま育ったmofuwaは子供の頃から絵を描いていた。2008年にデザイン専門学校を卒業後、WEBデザイナーとして働いている間に、アート活動としての絵の仕事が増えたことで23歳の時にフリーランスになる事を決意。25歳までにアートで生活がで出来なければイラストレーターは諦めようとしたが、様々なイラストの仕事をするうちにその年齢はとうに過ぎていた。




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