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  • Orinotawashi is a Japanese married couple of artists who are arousing interest by making artworks together using the technique of collage. Orinotawashi’s husband Norio was born in 1974 and grew up in the Tokyo culture. When he was a child, he loved animation, comics, movies and written stories. When he became a teenager, he met art under the influence of music.

    Orinotawashi’s wife Chifumi was born and grew up surrounded by nature in Nagano prefecture. When she graduated from the College of Industrial Design, she got a job in a building materials company. There, she mastered the technique of product design.

    In the wake of a traffic accident, Chifumi and Norio married. One day, they met an old man at the top of a mountain who taught them how to best live as husband and wife. After that, they started their art activities together.

    Norio gets the inspiration for art and Chifumi turns that image into something real with her techniques. The combination of their individual talents brings originality to their artwork.

    What do people think about their life in this era in this world? Orinotawashi wondered about it. Therefore, they have travelled around Europe and Africa (Spain, Italy, Zambia, Egypt, Morocco) for one year. They have stayed at an artist residency in a different country for two months. And they have learned about several parts of the world.

    They have a unique technique of collage. Collage means “gluing” in French. A collage is an image that appears accidentally by cutting and pasting. Orinotawashi explain this as serendipity. Orinotawashi are always making discoveries, by accident and observation, of things they were not in quest of. It is like giving birth. Orinotawashi’s collage is not only paper and acrylics… Journey, encounters, history, culture and destiny are also used as materials. They incorporate their life in a collage, too. They use various techniques and present their works as paintings, figures, clothes, a mud house or a book.

  • 檻之汰鷲(おりのたわし)は、夫婦で制作するユニークな活動スタイルと、独自に発展させたコラージュ技法によるアートワークで注目を集める日本人アーティストである。1974年に東京で生まれ育った夫のノリオは、幼少の頃から、マンガ、アニメ、映画で空想の世界に親しみ、10代になると音楽をきっかけにアートと出会う。27歳のときに、死を身近に体験するほどの交通事故に遭い、やるべきことを自分の中に発見し、独学でアート活動を始めた。





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