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  • ​sato was born in a town in Hokkaido where there is a rich natural environment. Parents and relatives had to say that he had excellent aesthetic sense from childhood.

    He learned design at Tohoku Institute of Technology and was greatly influenced by Japanese illustrators in the 80 ‘s. He hoped to further his studies, and after graduating from university, he went on to Chiba University graduate school. He continued studying design until he had earned a Master’s degree and then a Doctorate in the field of Engineering. What he learned from Saiji Kanamori and Ryoichi Shigeta during that time has helped a lot since he has become an artist. He learned the viewpoint of representational painting from Saiji Kanamori and the viewpoint of abstract art from Ryoichi Shigeta. sato currently is expanding the width of his expression in multiple directions without discriminating between concrete art and abstract art, but it’s possible to trace the foundation of his artistic expression back to his school days.

    He became a freelance designer after graduate school, but one year later he was asked to take a job as an engineer. He soon left to start his own independent office.

    He moved to Sapporo, Hokkaido in 2006. The Great East Japan earthquake happened in 2011. Because he had been enrolled in universities in the Tohoku and Kanto area, he couldn’t think of it as a somebody else’s problem, and felt deep anxiety and thought he had to do something. But there was nothing that he could do, so he began to draw his own hand as a form of prayer. At this time, sato resolved to begin activity as an artist. At this time, sato’s artistic activity became synonymous with prayer.

    It’s because he thought he’d like to be anonymous that he decided to introduce himself as sato when he began his activity as an artist. Sato’s work seems to have strong originality, but he thinks that there are no techniques or methods which haven’t been performed by present-day artists any more. Therefore sato doesn’t put much weight on originality. Instead, he hopes to be a spokesman for someone else through his work. It is for that reason that the artist hates to be in the spotlight. It’s also why the letter S is lowercase.

    This is the same reason why sato professes to be a modern artist, but doesn’t profess to be an avant-garde artist.

    When he began his activity as an artist, there were requests for pictures from friends all over Japan, and he created one after another.

    For three years from 2012 to 2014 he produced a calendar for a beauty salon every month. Based on his experience studying design, he worked to develop a fashionable style of art.
    In 2012 and 2013, he participated in group exhibitions, focusing on copper engraving and croquis, respectively. In 2014, he finally held a solo exhibition. The 2014 Sapporo International Art Festival (guest director: Ryuichi Sakamoto) was held during the same period, and sato’s exhibition was approved as related event.

    All works of sato are exhibited for foreign countries on facebook. He participates in an art group of more than 90 and has steady fans all over the world. sato’s abstract painting in particular was appreciated first overseas. Each day, after doing basic exercises in croquis and so on, sato creates abstract art, working with his right brain. He continues to create freely, without being tied up to a particular medium or style.

    sato has started activities overseas in order to let his work be more widely known. He is aiming to make 2015 the first year for his international activity, and to do more international releases in the future.

    As he continues his activity, sato regards Gerhard Richter as the ideal artist. He paints tremendously skillful representational paintings, and he is also able to create abstract and three-dimensional art – all of these fit the direction in which sato is moving.

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  • satoは北海道の自然豊かな町で生まれた。子供の頃から美的感覚が優れていたと周囲の大人は語っている。

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