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  • Sera Hano was born in Osaka in 1978 and raised in Kyoto, Japan. She has been working as a 3D illustrator at the Product design office of the Concept House in Kameoka, Japan since 2003. She also has been working as an artist for over 7 years and participated in various art festivals in several countries
including The Japanese Art Festival in New Zealand, The Affordable Art Fair in Sydney and Melbourne,
The Art EXPO in New York and The Earth by Heart Exhibition in Tokyo. She has won several awards, notably the Tagboat award, Tokyo Earth Workers Collection Award and won first place prize at the Colors To Go exhibition in Taiwan. Seri has been drawing since her childhood. One of the most influential people in her life was her father. After seeing her fathers’ product designs as a child, she then decided that she wanted to be an illustrator. When she began drawing, it was freehand drawing with mostly people but since working with her father, she started using computers and realized a digital medium would bring more possibilities to her art work. Since then, she started combining the aspects of freehand drawing with digital art. When she was 26 years old, she went to AUS for the first time to study English. At that time she started to get inspired by the culture of western art, as well as, the beautiful nature of Australia. This moving experience is what she wants to convey to people through her art.
Also, she wants to spread western attitudes to art in Japan and also Japanese sensibilities of harmony and balance with nature to western audiences. She often commutes between Japan and AUS throughout the year finding influences through the vivid colors and patterns in wildlife, particularly wild flowers and birds.
Interrelationships between urban and natural environments peak her interests, as well as their need for conservation. Her art draws from scenes she witnesses while traveling, which has led to mixing textile patterns with Japanese, western and African styles. Although her art is mostly digital, she tries to make it feel more organic and appear to be hand drawn. Starting her drawings freehand with a pencil, she then scans them, creates a digital outline, and then adds color. Printing on normal copy paper creates a unity among the colors of the art. Finally, she adds touchups using pens and highlighters. In future she plans to produce textile design and to provide illustrations for Children’s books. For further updates please refer to the website at


    Japanese Art Festival in New Zealand
    Affordable Art Fair in Sydney in Melbourne

    The Art EXPO in New York

    The Earth by Heart in Tokyo


Honored at the Tagboat award

    Honored at Tokyo Earth Workers Collection Award
First place at the Colors To Go exhibition in Taiwan

  • 羽野 瀬里




    Japanese Art Festival in New Zealand

    The Affordable Art Fair in Sydney in Melbourne

    The Art EXPO in New York

    The Earth by Heart in Tokyo


第8回Tagboat award入選

    Tokyo Earth Workers Collection入賞

    Colors To Go in Taiwan1位入賞


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