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  • Shigeyuki Matsumoto was born in Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan in 1961 and from a very young age was fond of drawing pictures and calligraphy. His single most passion was calligraphy, and even as a boy he remembers how the smell of the ink was very comforting.  He quickly became hooked on calligraphy and became engrossed in trying to become the best in his field.

     After entering adulthood, Shigeyuki became stressed when he was faced with working within an environment which honored the characteristics of Japanese society such as the spirit of cooperation, diligence and etiquette along with difficult human relations.  During these times he was able to take his mind off these stresses and find inner calmness by turning his attention to his calligraphy brush.

     Following this, he was greatly influenced by the Japanese culture of “Wa” or harmony, and believes that traditional Japanese calligraphy is greatly connected to Japanese spirituality. He believes that in the pursuit of the true spiritual nature of Japanese people “Harmonious heart”, “Harmonious spirit”, “Harmonious landscape” the words and characters which make an impression on people are a representative of the spirit of the person at that time.

     Self-taught in the traditional calligraphy skills, he uses the subject matter of “words” and makes creations through the use of shades and blurring of ink, along with blank spaces. His spirit is incorporated into his free-flowing works, aiming to leave you with the feeling of movement, his works are like living objects.  He believes that the most beautiful thing within Japanese art is the expression of blank spaces, airspaces and nothingness and that beauty is the spaces and nothingness within Japanese art. He doesn’t work within the traditional Japanese calligraphy framework, but is searching for his own unique expressive style which combines his own spirit and subject matter in a literary style which he continues to develop.  He also likes Japanese paintings and he incorporates the techniques used in Japanese paintings into his calligraphy.

    Exhibition, Receiving a prize career:
    May Ohita Art Gallery The beginning of exhibition Excellent prize
    November The 1st solo-Exhibition <Gallurella Pallet: Ohita>
    October Ise Grand Shrine dedication calligraphy exhibition Gold medal, displayed
    October Ise Grand Shrine dedication calligraphy exhibition Kamijiyama prize, displayed
    June The eighth 100 artists exhibition <Ouchi Gallery: New York>
    October NO LUNAR Five artists exhibition <Noh theater: Oita city>
    October Ise Grand Shrine dedication calligraphy exhibition Kamijiyama prize, displayed

     WEB SITE: http://shigeyuki-matsu

  • 松本重幸は1961年日本の九州大分県で生まれ、子供の頃から絵や字を書くことがとても好きな少年であった。彼が唯一習いごとをしたのが書道で、子供ながらに墨のにおいがとても心地良かったのを覚えている。彼はすぐに書道が好きになり、上手くなりたい一心で書道が夢中になった。社会人となった彼は、日本の社会特有の協調性・勤勉・礼儀作法などを重んじる環境や人間関係などでストレスを感じることがあり、そんな時は気を紛らすため墨を摺り筆を握ることで心を無にし精神を静めていた。

    その後、日本の心の文化「和の文化」に影響を受け、日本伝統の書道は日本人の精神性と深く関わりがあり影響していることに気づく。彼は日本人の心の奥底の本当の精神性「和の心」「和の精神」「和の風景」を探求し、その中で心に響き出会った言葉や文字をその時の心のおもむくままに表現している。伝統的な書道を独学で身に付け「文字」という素材を使い墨の濃淡、滲み、そして余白・空間・無を活かした表現で作品を制作している。無心に筆を運ばせた作品には彼の氣・魂が込められており、息吹を感じる表現を目指してきた作品は、まさに生き物である。日本芸術で最も美しい美は 余白・空間・無 の表現にあり、日本芸術における 空・無は絶対の美であると彼は言う。これまでの書道の枠組みにとらわれることなく独自の表現方法を求めて、自身の心・素材と対話し作風と共に彼はこれからも進化していく。


    5月 大分県美術展 初出展 優秀賞
    11月 初個展 (ぎゃるりーら・ぱれっと:大分市)
    10月 伊勢神宮奉納書道展 金賞、献書出品
    10月 伊勢神宮奉納書道展 神路山賞、献書出品
    6月 第8回 アーティスト100人展(ouchi Gallery:ニューヨーク)
    10月 NO LUNAR 伍人展(能楽堂:大分市)
    10月 伊勢神宮奉納書道展 神路山賞、献書出品
    11月 京都清水寺 書画展 展示



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