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  • For all KOYAMA’s life, there were nothing related to art. He started taking photographs after being enrolled in the College of Arts of Nihon University. As he has never touched a camera in his life, he was faced with a problem of learning what art is and struggled in expressing himself in his work.
    He loved traveling since he was a student. He would take photos of the landscape on his trips as he pleased. The extraordinary view that has touched him on his trips made him curious of how to express those moments as they were captured in his memory. With his curiosity and exploration, he found himself interested in the HDR effect of the special composite photographs.

    As a child, KOYAMA was interest in the video games and fantasy films that had a beautiful outlook on life. Inspired by his childhood memory, his aesthetic feeling appear in his works. As KOYAMA states: “Photos are not to be thought, but to be seen”, as Christmas comes only once a year, his work expresses the transient and beautiful worldview withHDR composite photograph.KOYAMA did not desire to take documentary photos; he always took photographs with questions of why the subject was taken, and what he felt at the time. His work is a reproduction of what was shown in his heart on the moment he captured the views on his trips. KOYAMA’s traveling photographs are a true documentary of himself.

    Website: http://salon.io/buzoo/


  • 芸術とは無縁だったKOYAMAは、父の勧めで日本大学芸術学部で写真を始める。大学で初めてカメラを手にする彼にとって、「芸術」という問題は大きな壁となり、作品を通し自分を表現するまでに多くの時間と葛藤を必要とした。彼は学生時代から旅行好きで旅先での風景を心赴くままに撮影しており、旅先で出会う非日常世界への感動の記憶をそのときそのままの記憶で表現するにはどうすれば良いかを探求し始め、HDR合成を活用した特殊表現に興味を持つようになった。幼少期から美しい世界観のビデオゲームやファンタジー映画に触れ美的感覚を養ってきたため、写真作品にもその感覚が現れ「写真は考えるものではなく、みるもの」と年に一度のクリスマスが訪れるような美しく儚い世界観をHDR合成により表現している。単なる記録写真に留めず、その時なぜその被写体を撮影したのか?どのような感情だったのか?を思い出し、自身の心に写ったままで再現された作品は小山貴大自身の真の記録を自らの写真作品に求めた「旅写真」である。


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