• TAKASHI was born and raised in Miyagi, Japan. He tried to become a comic writer after being a science major at 33 years old.

    As a boy, he was shocked when he looked at huge dinosaur fossils in a science museum. He grew up a science lover. He went to a university of science and engineering. He had experience as a germ researcher in a private enterprise. His applied sports were karate and soft tennis.

    Meanwhile TAKASHI took an interest in dynamic illustration of dinosaur, fighter airplane, and the universe that is appered in illustrated book of science, he started to make a drowing. Before long, he was affect by Japanese manga and video games, and had drawn manga illustrations that mainly included science fiction and fighting action, released at Dojinshi-fairs and group exhibitions.

    Something to express is “soul-stirring impact”. When 31 years old, although he retired from science major because of his chronic illness. It was manga art that rescued him from setbacks. Come to think of it, he only cleared tasks that were given by others, and forgot “bushidoh” that learned in his boyhood. he felt fear and impatience for himself, believing he lacked a challenge.

    When he was 32 years old, first live paint manga art was done by TAKASHI to get back himself in Tokyo design festa 2014 gathered about 50,000 audiences. Even if get into a pinch, can’t get into a chance. Whether change or not. Emited Overwhelming power from his manga art, and cheers from appreciators, gave his bravery. He remembered that he may do the things he want to do. At least even only Takashi’s art appreciator, he wish they act to overcome from adversity and setback.


  • 生まれも育ちも宮城県のTAKASHIは、理系出身から漫画家を目指す33歳。






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